“It was essential to get my shoulder moving again after surgery and it helped me so much. My range of motion is so much better (I could hardly even move my arm at first).”

“First of all - Brittany was wonderful – compassionate and understanding of the stiffness and pain after a total shoulder replacement. She knew exactly what to do, understood when enough was done at one time, and what I needed to do next. I could hardly raise my arm when I first came in. Now I can raise my arm over my head!”

"It helped strengthen my shoulder muscles and taught me the proper exercises and stretches that I can continue to do on my own to continue strengthening my muscles."

“I was experiencing pain, decreased strength, and limited range of motion for several weeks.  I finally went to see an orthopedic surgeon.  He offered to give me an injection or PT.  I’m so glad I chose PT because I was able to learn the cause of my problem, get it treated, and was taught how to strengthen muscles and improve my posture to minimize chances of re-injuring myself.  Thank you!  Kudos to the front office staff, David, Brooke, Kristin, and Ashley.”

"I was told by my doctor and others that if I have this surgery I wouldn't be able to reach any higher than the top of my head.  After therapy I can now reach almost as high as I could before the surgery.  Thanks David!"

"I know that my arm and shoulder is a lot better since I started physical therapy.  The staff is great and they are very knowledgable and understand what I was feeling in my shoulder.  I would come to this particular facility again."

“I enjoyed the time and treatment in the pool that was given to me.  I was taught how work in the pool, to use the water, to help myself with the affected shoulder, etc.”

"It has worked amazingly well!  I could hardly move when I came in and now I am back to where I was before the accident.  The team here is great!  I would highly recommend your facility!"

"Was diagnosed with a locked right shoulder.  When I completed my rehab David said I had more range of motion in my right shoulder than my left.  Thanks guys!"

"It worked wll for me and with the special exercises I was shown help me 100%.  The therapists "David and Keisha" are amazing."


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