Overall Wellbeing

“I have had 12 sessions of therapy here. The staff have been very kind, courteous, and very efficient. They have helped me and contributed to my reaching my goal of being pain free. I thank them all.”

“I feel that being in the pool was helping in my progression with my getting my balance back to where it needed to be.”

“I have increased mobility, strength, which helps with confidence. I just feel better, both physically and mentally. Thank you!”

“Each aspect of the therapy was exceptionally good. The staff at the front desk – always greeting with a smile!! The therapy staff had me in mind and pushed just enough for progress but no pain. Of course I would refer others.”

“Therapy very beneficial in rehabilitation. Mobility greatly improved. Balance improved along with more flexibility overall. Great facility, great therapists!”

“My physical therapy has been very beneficial in that the level of pain I’ve been enduring for a very long time has been reduced significantly. My strength is slowly improving, less stiffness, swelling and cramping and my skin feels smoother. It’s easier and less painful to exercise and its very relaxing. The staff has been so helpful and understanding of my limitations. Even though I am afraid of water, I feel at ease during exercise, because the staff members are observant. I’m more relaxed, I’m sleeping much better at night, and it is easier and less painful to exercise – very relaxing. A good feeling to feel good! Its wonderful! Also it’s a clean place. I highly recommend Spectrum and I plan on keeping up my exercises as I want to feel better and have quality of life.”

“Very surprised by the personal attention. Everyone was encouraging! Only suggestion would be more chairs in women’s locker room. I will recommend you to my physician. Very professional and friendly group!”

“Pool therapy was very helpful in regaining body strength after my automobile accident. The therapists were pleasant and courteous. I always enjoyed going to physical therapy. Land therapy was a continuation of strength training. I feel the staff at Spectrum were very beneficial to me in assisting in my recovery of strength and range of motion.”

“I began the physical therapy program in January 2014 and had been in constant chest pain since July of 2013. I had difficulty breathing and was tired most of the time. I had limited flexibility in the chest area and most movement caused pain. Such examples as opening the car door, refrigerator door, and lifting clothes from the washer and turning over and getting out of bed. Since the therapy treatments I have overcome these limitations and feel renewed health. I still experience some tenderness in a specific rib area, but feel that by continuing the prescribed exercises I will overcome that condition. I am extremely well pleased with my progress, thanks to well trained therapists.”

"Reversed by "fear" of movement from multiple types of injuries.  Finding people who believed and encouraged me to get better and not give up.  Seeing that consistent movement could again be safe and strengthening - seen my abilities and endurance increease; broke the negative cycle and established willingness to workout and safe ways to do so, especially with my PT.  Safety to work out and get stronger are key."

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