“It helped with the pain and movement and I now have a routine and tools to help me maintain my improved condition.”

“Range of motion greatly increased. Explanation of exercises very helpful. Neck pain is a lot better.”

“Therapy has given me the techniques to continue with exercises to prevent the pain from occurring.”

“When I first got to Spectrum I had limited movement in several areas. The staff was wonderful and worked with me at my pace. After 5 months I feel so much better. PT really worked.”

“Reassurance and educated on prevention and safe recovery while empowering my own ownership in healing.”

“I slowly but progressively got stronger to the point I fee much better and able to function with out PT.”

“I was extremely in a lot of pain prier to coming to spectrum now after the sessions I’m feeling 90-95% better with minor pains that will go away as long as I don’t over do it.”

"Excellent instructions teaching me how to stand straight and to fix my neck, in particular like the way Kristen explained how to stand straight and John's patients explaining exercises to me."

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