“It helped to slow down the pain. The staff was so knid and helpful in getting me walking and less pain. The staff worked together to get me back to where I could function without a lot of pain. I am real please with my care I received.”

“You all helped build up life by helping me work on my legs. I feel so much better. Thank you for pushing me.”

“I personally benefited most from pool therapy. I enjoyed it and was able to do most of the therapy without pain! To allow a 6 year old to do pool therapy (something I enjoy) and accomplish all the benefits needed in physical therapy – thank you.”

“Amazing, I can walk again – I feel like I’m getting my life back! I want to thank everyone at Spectrum for their help. I couldn’t have done it without them. Good team work, again thanks gang.”

“I have been very pleased with my treatment at Spectrum. My main concern was with the pain in my left leg. I’ve not had any pain recently. My lower back pain comes and goes but the routines they recommend have helped. I was very pleased with my treatment from David and all the staff.”

"Strengthened my leg and hip muscles.  Improved my balance and still using the exercises that I was taught in physical therapy."

"I came in with pain that caused me to limit standing and walking for any distance.  After 6 weeks I have little trouble.  I have been other places to correct this with no improvement.  The staff here found the right exercises and were extremely helpful."

"Doing physical therapy has given me more overall physical strength in my legs and core.  General overall well being is much improved.  The girls at the pool have been great - thank you especially Sarah.  Sheila and Hannah were positive and supportive - see you Later.  Thanks David!  P.S. The office was very understanding and helpful!"

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