“Good support for my lower back and hips – which have been increasingly painful over the past three years owing mainly to arthritis. Warm water pressure has facilitated hip exercises in particular.”

“Both pool and land have helped strengthen the muscles in my left hip. First time in over 2 years I have not had to use a cane.”

“Physical therapy helped me be mobile again without dealing with pain on a daily basis. Follow the program and listen to the physical therapists, this will make you not only physically better but also mentally better. I have only good things to say about Spectrum Rehab – they are here to make you better and to get you back to doing regular activities on a daily basis without pain!”

“It helped to slow down the pain. The staff was so knid and helpful in getting me walking and less pain. The staff worked together to get me back to where I could function without a lot of pain. I am real please with my care I received.”

“Very comfortable progression to regain strength and flexibility! Looking forward to my wellness pool session to continue to gain strength.”

“The water therapy worked very very well for me! The lad was okay, but I needed the weight off my hip and water therapy was better! Everyone over there was just wonderful to me and really cared about my health and me as a person.”

“After going through a month of therapy, during which several trainers carefully and thoughtfully guided me through exercises and stretches, I was able to return to running – my passion. The trainers understood how much this meant to me and I am grateful for that!”

“Not only has my pain gone away, I am much stronger and I have improved significantly in other areas of my body. The different techs helped to avoid ruts and learn from each.”

“I feel it has been a tremendous help, I didn’t go through PT the 1st surgery and it was a disaster. If I hadn’t had PT this time I’d probably still be walking with the cane. The staff has been phenomenal! Great bunch of people.”

"The physical therapy was difficult at first but as I continued to do the exercises they became easier and the pain lessened.  It was great to be able to move without pain!  I'm a firm believer in physical therapy!"

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