"It gave me some positive direction after having pain from surgery for the past 2 years.  It’s good to know I have the knowledge of what to do for this pain."

"When we started physical therapy for Clara we had just left another facility where she was experiencing no gains.  The staff at Spectrum took fantastic care of Clara and she is now able to play as an 8 year old should!  Thank you!"

"Physical therapy worked wonderfully!!  I started in the pool and transitioned to land.  Now I am basically pain free and can walk the dog everyday."

"It really helped me a lot and I am so grateful to all your therapists who did their job with dedication and kindness."

"I am so please with the overall results in my foot.  I had such pain when I began and now next to no pain.  I'm so please with all the staff."

"Thank you everybody!  Certainly much better than when I came in over a month ago.  You all certainly know how to make my ankle and knee feel better."

“I highly recommend Spectrum Rehabilitation for physical therapy.  The staff at all levels is knowledgeable, professional and engaging.  They provide you the tools for injury recovery and then encourage, empower, and embolden you in your progression.  They remain grounded in the reality of your situation but pushing the envelope is always on the table.  You’ll be surprised at what you are capable of.  They’ll help you find out.”

"Physical therapy at Spectrum was a Godsend.  The expertise and kindness of the therapists was extraordinary!  My pain level decreased and I am back to driving; this after I thought I might never even walk again.  Thanks to David and his staff … I WILL be back."

"I've been so impressed with the amazing talent and knowledge of all the therapists.  I told my doctor my recovery is because of my therapists and I highly recommend Spectrum."

"My experience at Spectrum has been great.  When I first came here I had painful spasms throught the foot and up the leg muscles to the knee area.  Now the pain of the foot still hurts.  I get get less painful spasms when I walk about 30 minutes but they do not shoot up the leg.  I am clearly much better than when rehab started."


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