Physical Therapy and Pregnancy

I’m Pregnant. Can Physical Therapy Help With My Pain?
By Brooke Bowsher, PTA

The human body goes through a variety of changes during pregnancy. Often times, as your body goes through these changes, there can be pain and discomfort associated. Physical therapy can be a good, safe option in dealing with these common pains, and make the whole experience of pregnancy easier. In most cases, your pain will decrease once you have delivered the baby, however this is not always the case. Pain can continue long after your baby is born.

During pregnancy, hormones cause your ligaments and tendons to become more elastic. This is to help accommodate the growing baby and to allow the baby to be delivered during labor. As the uterus and belly grow larger, the mother’s center of gravity will shift forward causing increased stress on the lower back. Physical therapy can help maintain good core strength and stabilize the spine. Your therapist can teach you good body mechanics and ways to modify your movement to help decrease your pain. Sometimes aquatic therapy can be a comfortable and effective way to improve strength and help take some of the pressure off your changing body.

At Spectrum Rehabilitation, following a thorough evaluation, your therapist will be better able to pinpoint exactly why you are having pain, and where your deficits are. From there, they can create a safe exercise program for you. Common treatment methods include exercise, manual therapy, aquatic therapy, balance, stretching, taping, and sometimes using special bracing. Many exercises can even be done on your own at home with minimal equipment. Our goal is to help you progress through your pregnancy with as little pain as possible, and teach you effective ways to manage it.

Pregnancy should be a fun and exciting time for your family. Let our team at Spectrum Rehabilitation help you through this transition by decreasing your pregnancy pains and improving your well-being!

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