Chronic Low Back Pain

Are you one that suffers from chronic low back pain? Before saying yes to prescription drugs and surgery, give physical therapy a try. Physical therapy can treat several injuries, diseases, and disorders without turning to prescription drugs and surgery.

You may be skeptical about physical therapy and its benefits, but before saying no, ask yourself these questions:

  • How am I going to get better without physical therapy?
  • Do I want to have surgery?
  • Am I willing to take prescription drugs for the rest of my life?
  • Do I know proper body mechanics and techniques?
  • Am I ever going to be pain free without physical therapy?

Now, let’s talk therapy. Common causes of chronic low back pain can be caused by improper technique (exercise form, lifting, etc.), poor body mechanics, deconditioning, and muscle imbalances. Physical therapists can help improve muscle imbalances, and teach proper spinal biomechanics with recreational and normal every day life. Believe it or not, the way you sit, stand, walk, run, jog, and lift can all cause back pain. With the guidance of your physical therapists, recovery is quicker when deficiencies are localized and treatment is specific to YOUR needs.

How does physical therapy affect your mental health, you ask? Chronic low back pain causes people to have increased fatigue, depression, lack of sleep, stress, poor eating habits, dependency on prescription drugs, and weight gain. Attending physical therapy can help rebuild muscle, decrease chronic pain, and get people back to their daily lives.


Author: Spectrum Rehabilitation Staff

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