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Overall Wellbeing

“I have had 12 sessions of therapy here. The staff have been very kind, courteous, and very efficient. They have helped me and contributed to my reaching my goal of being pain free. I thank them all.” Ranee “I feel that being in the pool was helping in my progression with my getting my balance…
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“It helped with the pain and movement and I now have a routine and tools to help me maintain my improved condition.” Susan “Range of motion greatly increased. Explanation of exercises very helpful. Neck pain is a lot better.” Diana “Therapy has given me the techniques to continue with exercises to prevent the pain from…
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“It helped to slow down the pain. The staff was so knid and helpful in getting me walking and less pain. The staff worked together to get me back to where I could function without a lot of pain. I am real please with my care I received.” Mary “You all helped build up life…
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“PT has helped me strengthen my weakened muscles. The staff has done an awesome job helping me through the healing process. I’m recommend them to anyone needing help in recovery of an injury.” Lee “The therapy was amazing. My leg strength has improved greatly in both legs. My flexion and extension are back to normal.…
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